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     The following a a series of link leading to photographs of 1/144 Scale models, a further detailed assessment will be following shortly:

 "I just discovered the F-toys A-7 and F-4B are uses a diferent tool from previous R-Lai F-4 and and CafeReo A-7 ... they are more delicate lines

The fitting of these  prebuilt items are not as high quality as Takara FAOW, but it can be improved with a little effort.

...I tested the removal of the paint from the F-Toys with "rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol" as I did with Cafereo... The paint came off, although not as easily as with the CafeReo aircraft. The paint of a-7 is not gloss and needed some scrubbing to remove..

The fuselage of Cafereo A-7 looks fatter than F-toys... I donīt know which is the more accurate.?

 F-4 of Rlai have cut wing tips making the eaiser for folded on a deck.., the F-4 of F-toys does not have the cut wing ...
[R.Masukawa, October 2008]


          Pictures donated by R. Masukawa






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