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Bovington Tank Museum, UK
Bovington Tank Museum, UK


Welcome to Kampfgruppe 144

This site is dedicated to providing news, information and reference material for the 1/144 world.

The site will try to cover the range of interests in relation to 1/144 from, Collectors, Model Makers and War Gamers. It will aim to cover a range of subjects from Aircraft and Armor through to accessories and dioramas, the site will also strive to cover the full range of media from Pre-built to Kit items in the full range of mediums from Plastic, through to Resin and Metal casts.

I encourage you all to contribute to the various discussions on the community board, or even to submit pictures or written articles.

I would be very happy for others to become involved in a variety of ways.

<< 15th June  May 2008 >> Beach Head Assault - Royal Engineers< 15th June  May 2008 >>

<< 15th June  May 2008 >> Bovington Tank Museum< 15th June  May 2008 >>

<< UPDATED! >> 1/144 Aircraft Comparisons << 20th October 2008 >>

   << UPDATED! >> 1/144 Building Downloads  << 28th  November 2008 >>

WWII RAF / USAAF European Control Tower (1/144)

Lancaster High Speed Mail Plane  (2009/01/25)



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